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Sunglass Cove


Whether or not you require vision correction, sunglasses can add an element of comfort and enhanced performance to your activities, while helping you look great.

Come in and see our incredible selection of sunglasses at our Shuswap office with great brands from: Smith, Oakley, Rayban, D & G, Maui Jim, Coach and many more. Whether it’s just for wearing them out while shopping (on a beach holiday…) or to help you see better with a prescription, we are here for you!

Every frame in Sunglass Cove is not only designed to look great, but it meets our high standards of UV coverage and ability to be R/X. Check out below for some Sunglasses Tips!

What you can’t see CAN hurt you

Once upon a time, a wide-brimmed hat was considered protection for your eyes. Today, we know better. We also know that invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays can lead to serious eye damage – cataracts, cancer, snow blindness and photokeratitis, the equivalent of a painful eye sunburn.
The sun’s UV radiation reaches your eyes by bouncing off water, clouds, snow, and even the windows of buildings and passing cars.

To keep your peepers safe and comfortable, choose sunglasses with sun-safe components:

Find the fit. Snug fitting sunglasses will protect your eyes from light that enters around the sides. Make sure they don’t slip down your nose or pinch your temples – besides crisp vision, comfort

Fore! Match your activities. For sports enthusiasts, sunglasses and wraps will help improve your performance. Lightweight frames provide better air flow and prevent perspiration from entering your eyes.

Choose anti-glare. Look for lenses with a back sided anti-glare coating. This prevents light rays that come from behind and reflect into your eyes.

Read the label. Look for the ANSI mark that ensures a block of 99 to 100 per cent of UV-A and UV-B rays. Quality sunglasses eliminate UV exposure completely and offer polarization and photochromatic technology that adjust to whatever light conditions come your way.

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Please be advised that all office visits including exams, frame selections, repairs, pick-ups, and drop-offs are by appointment only. We are required to wear a face mask in our office and ask that you bring yours to your appointment.

We are happy to serve our patients and community and are committed to keeping you as safe as possible.

Thank you.

The Shuswap Optometric Team